Guaranteeing Protection
and Peace of Mind with Pet Vaccinations


Guaranteeing Protection
and Peace of Mind with Pet Vaccinations

Safeguarding Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

At Big Island Pet Care Center, we understand the importance of pet vaccinations for your furry friend’s well-being. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive pet vaccination services for cats and dogs.

We offer a wide range of core and non-core pet vaccines tailored to each animal’s unique lifestyle and needs.

Pet vaccinations are critical in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and protecting your furry companion from potentially life-threatening illnesses. The Big Island Pet Care Center veterinary team will work closely with you to develop a personalized pet vaccine plan, considering factors such as your pet’s age, lifestyle, and exposure risks.

about our clinic –
Big Island pet care center

Dr. Grune, a visionary in the field of veterinary medicine, founded our clinic in 1990. Opening his own practice was the realization of his lifelong dream—to deliver the highest level of care to animals in need.

Through his clinic, Dr. Grune has surpassed his expectations and provided comprehensive and compassionate care for dogs and cats throughout Hawaii. We prioritize client education and have created a comfortable space where pets and parents feel at ease.

Our lovely clinic is located within a retrofitted house. It exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open-air lanai serves as our waiting room, and the surrounding landscaped grounds provide a serene environment to promote relaxation for your pet.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your furry friends receive personalized attention and care. We genuinely strive for the best for your pet and aim to build lasting relationships with both pets and their devoted owners. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff are here to meet all your pet healthcare needs.

Core Vaccines 

For Cats and Dogs

Pet core vaccines, recommended for all pets, provide essential protection against highly contagious diseases.

These include vaccines for:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Parvovirus
  • Feline leukemia

With our personalized pet vaccine plans, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is receiving the appropriate vaccines to support their optimal health and longevity.
We believe in empowering pet owners with knowledge, and our veterinarians will inform you about the benefits and importance of each vaccine.

At Big Island Pet Care Center, we strive to create a stress-free environment for your pets during their vaccination visits. Our gentle approach and compassionate care ensure their experience is as comfortable as possible. We prioritize building a trusting relationship with you and your furry friend, making every visit positive and rewarding.

Schedule their vaccinations at Big Island Pet Care Center today. Trust us to be your partner in preserving the health and happiness of your beloved companion through the power of pet vaccination.

Non-Core Vaccines for Cats and Dogs

Non-core pet vaccines are optional vaccinations recommended based on individual factors such as the pet’s lifestyle, geographic location, and specific risk factors. Non-core pet vaccines target diseases that are less common or with increasing geographical prevalence.

These non-core pet vaccines may include protection against diseases such as:

  • Bordetella (kennel cough) for dogs
  • Feline leukemia (FeLV) for cats

The decision to administer non-core pet vaccines is made after considering factors such as:

  • Pet exposure risks
  • Local disease prevalence
  • Travel plans
  • Individual health status

Protect Your Beloved Pet With Vaccinations Today – Visit Big Island Pet Care Center

Big Island Pet Care Center is ready to welcome your furry ohana. Whether your dog or cat is an established patient, a new patient, we offer comprehensive pet vaccinations to ensure their long-term health and happiness.

Be sure to act now to provide the protection they deserve. Schedule an appointment today.

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